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I’ve been emailed sooooooooo many times asking me for a tailor recommendation in London, so this post is certainly long overdue. I’ve actually purposely kept this guy under-wraps for a while because I am nervous that he will get so busy (when you all fall in love with him) and that it will be difficult for me to get an appointment. Selfish, I know.

For the past several years I have been using Ayman Zaki for my dry cleaning. Apart from the fact that he does an amazing job, he also is the nicest person on the planet. He comes to the house to pick up your dry cleaning and drops it back off, which makes my life so so much easier. His prices are totally reasonable and he’ll always make sure to fit you into his busy schedule.

Last year when I went to Winter Wonderland, I came home afterwards and thought that my Chloe boots were completely destroyed from being outside in the rain and mud for hours. Ayman saw them sitting by the front door, grabbed them and brought them back as good as new. That’s when I asked him “What else can you do?!” He responded, “Oh well I am a tailor as well.” I ran upstairs and grabbed a dress that had been sitting in my closet for months. The entire waist needed to be taken in, but the the dress had such a defined structure to it I was certain that no one could do it. Ayman took the dress and pinned it while I had it on, and then brought it back a week later. It fit like a glove! I’m telling you girls there is no end to Ayman’s talents.

"All shop assistants can give you the advice and the quality you need for your kind of requests. The owner and his staff has helped me to create the suit that I wanted!"
Cristian Cairo
"Three words - Honest, reliable, and precise...since moving to SW London, we have been taking our dry cleaning to Crown Tailoring... the always friendly staff is knowledgeable and conscientious of how to ensure that your garments are clean and well maintained. Thank you for all of your hard work. "
Alex Giordano
"I would thoroughly recommend; friendly, good quality service for dry cleaning, tailoring, repairs. Always done a great job and a great service!"
Build Drive
"I've been using Crown Tailoring & Dry Cleaning for 2 years for all of my clothes alterations since I discovered them. It's a great feeling knowing they do a fantastic job and also drop off my items to me. "
Naomi Fashions
" this is a fantastic dry clean store,and the staff are so nice!the tailor has perfect skills!all of them are great! "
yue chen
" Got 15% discount when l first took my suits. The work carried out was amazing and will 100% go back again. "
Michael C


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