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Men’s shirt hung (> 5)
Suit trousers
Suit jacket£9.30
2-piece suit£16.95
Delicate knitwear£10.95
Delicate blouse/top£7.95
Duvet Cover£8.50
Normal Garments
£7.95/ piece upto 5 pc
Normal Garments
£5.95/ piece 6 pc+
Delicate Garments£13.95/ piece upto 5 pc
Delicate Garments£5.95/ piece 6 pc+
Basic knitwear£8.50
Delicate top/blouse£7.50
Evening shirt£6.50
Delicate knitwear£9.95
Polo shirt£4.50
Suit trousers£6.50
Jogging trousers£6.50
Leather trousers£42.50
Evening dress£42.50
Wedding dress£Quote
Suit jacket£8.50
Dawn-filled coat£25.50
Leather jacket£55.50
Ski jacket£19.50
Ski trousers£15.50
Ski gloves£11.50
Silk tie£7.50
Men shirt – on hanger£2.60
Men shirt – folded£3.90
Ladies shirt – on hanger£3.20
Ladies shirt – folded£4.20
Premium hand-finished shirts with crease: extra£1.20
Men shirt – on hanger £3.20
Men shirt – folded £4.20
Ladies shirt – on hanger £4.00
Ladies shirt – folded £5.20
Premium hand-finished shirts with crease: extra £1.20
5 kg and more – Price per kg (min 5 kg)£4.10
Less than 5 kg – Price per kg (min 1 kg)£7.10
Flat sheet – Single£5.50
Flat sheet – Double£5.95
Flat sheet – King£6.95
Fitted sheet – Single£6.95
Fitted sheet – Double£7.95
Fitted sheet – King£8.10
Duvet cover – Single£8.50
Duvet cover – Double£9.95
Duvet cover – King£10.95
Mattress cover – Single£10.95
Mattress cover – Double£12.95
Mattress cover – King£15.95
Duvet – Single£19.95
Duvet – Double£23.95
Duvet – King£27.95
Bedspread – Single£19.95
Bedspread – Double£23.95
Bedspread – King£26.95
Standard pillow£8.95
Feather-filled pillow£10.95
Hand towel£2.50
Large towel£3.95
Extra Large towel£5.95
Curtains, Unlined£10.95
Curtains, Lined£13.95
Curtains, Heavy / Interlined£14.95
Curtains, High Value£16.95
Rugs, wool£35.95
Rugs, silk/ delicate£39.95
Rug repair service (incl fine persian rugs)£14.95
Cushion Cover, Small£9.95
Cushion Cover, Medium£13.50
Cushion Cover, Large£20.95
Chair Cover£22.95
Settee, 2-seat£25.95
Settee, 3-seat£36.95
Arm Caps£16.95
Resew button£2.50
Replace button£3.50
Repair seam or tear (< 4 cm & no fusing)£6.50
Repair moth hole (small : 2mm max)£6.95
Repair moth hole (medium: 2mm to 5mm)£15.50
Evening Dress and Beads Sequins£10.95
Shorten Sleeves (no cuff)£23.95
Take in side seams£27.50
Elbow patches (supplied by BLANC)£37.95
Shorten Sleeves (basic finish)£37.95
Take in side seams£37.50
Repair moth hole (small : 2mm max)£6.95
Repair moth hole (medium: 2mm to 5mm)£11.50
Shorten sleeves with cuff£33.50
Take in sleeves£20.95
Take in side seams£30.95
Take in back darts£20.50
Shorten hem£23.95
Shorten sleeves from cuff (no lining, no buttons)£30.95
Shorten sleeves from cuff (with lining + buttons moved)£38.50
Lengthen sleeves (with lining)£42.95
Taper sleeves (with lining)£43.50
Narrow shoulder£47.50
Lift shoulder£52.95
Take in centre back£37.95
Shorten jacket hem (with lining)£46.50
Shorten sleeves from shoulder£64.95
Coat Shorten sleeves from cuff (basic, no lining)£34.95
Coat Lengthen sleeves (with lining, no buttons moved)Lengthen sleeves (with lining, no buttons moved)£37.50
Coat Shorten sleeves from shoulder£72.95
Coat Taper sleeves (with lining)£46.95
Coat Narrow shoulder£46.50
Coat Lift shoulder£52.95
Coat Take in centre back£46.95
Shorten coat hem (with lining + vents)£55.50
Trouser Shorten/lengthen (basic)£16.95
Trouser Shorten/lengthen (with turn ups)£20.95
Trouser Take in/let out waist (no lining)£18.50
Trouser Take in seat£23.95
Trouser Taper to knee£32.95
Trouser Taper full legs£42.50
Trouser Repair pocket (full new)£32.95
Trouser Patch crotch (1 side)£13.95
Jeans Shorten hem (topstitch)£18.50
Jeans Shorten with original finish (binding)£22.95
Jeans Take in waist (C/B only)£27.95
Jeans Taper full leg£42.50
Jeans Patch crotch (one side)£13.95
Shorten / lengthen hem basic (no lining and hem <1m)£27.95
If delicate fabric (lace, silk, chiffon)£17.50
If dress or skirt opening£4.95
If wide dress or skirt (>=2m + per metre)£4.50
If dress or skirt lining (loose)£8.95
If dress or skirt lining (closed)£13.50
If dress uneven hem£4.95
If dress marked pleats£4.50
If dress very small pleats£18.95
If dress trim to be placed back£17.50
If dress zip to be removed£17.95
Dress lengthening (add facing)£8.50
Take in / let out side seams or centre back£33.95
If delicate fabric (lace, silk, chiffon)£42.50
Insert/ replace zip (basic)£30
Shorten straps (very basic)£16.50
Evening Dress Shorten /lengthen dress hem (no lining and hem <1m)£42.95
If delicate fabric (lace, silk, chiffon)£17.50
If dress or skirt opening£8.95
If wide dress or skirt (>=2m + per metre)£7.50
If lined£26.95
If dress or skirt lining (loose)£23.50
If dress or skirt lining (closed)£26.95
If uneven hem£7.50
If pin hem£18.95
If marked pleats£17.50
If very small pleats£26.95
Lift shoulders (plain)£37.50
Insert/ replace zip (basic)£42.95
Leather Trousers £44.80
Jacket £55.00
Skirt £42.50
Dress £63.80
Coat £65.00
Gloves £22.50
Fur Cardigan £44.80
Fur Jacket £64.00
Shawl/ Cape £32.50
Hood collar £23.80
Fur Coat £72.00
Fur Gloves £25.50
Women Shoes Reheel £16.80
Reset and secure heels £50.00
New heels £75.50
Leather half soles £48.80
Rubber half soles £33.00
Leather long soles & heels £92.50
Rubber long soles and heels £88.80
Underpatch and secure soles £22.00
Leather toe pieces £20.50
Full leather innersole £32.80
Stretching shoes £17.00
Stretching boots £23.50
Small bag cleaning by hand £65.80
Medium bag cleaning by hand £75.00
Large bag cleaning by hand £84.50
Shorten bag strap £23.80
Replace bag lock fitting set £57.00
Replace main zip £55.50
Men’s shirt hung (5+) £2.80
Suit trousers £7.50
Suit jacket £10.00
2-piece suit £16.95
Dress £15.95
Delicate knitwear £10.95
Delicate blouse/top £9.95
Coat £18.95
Duvet Cover £8.50
Duvet £19.95
Normal Garments £7.95/ piece up to 5 pc
Normal Garments £5.95/ piece 6 pc+
Delicate Garments £13.95/piece up to 5 pc
Delicate Garments £11.95/piece 6 pc+
Shoes £16.95
Boots £22.95
Trousers from£8.50
Trouser Silk£8.50
Trouser Leather Trim£17.95
Ladies Blouse from£8.40
Ladies Blouse Silk£8.40
Skirt Plain£8.50
Skirt Silk & Pleated£11.95
Skirt Wool£14.95
2 Piece Suit from£14.50
3 Piece Suit from£17.95
Dinner/Evening Suit£19.95
Dresses Plain£13.95
Dress Silk£15.50
Evening Dress and Beads Sequins£27.95
Shirts from £2.80
10 Shirts £28.00
Folded Shirts £4.50
Ladies Shirt £3.80
10 Ladies Shirt £25.00
Cashmere Jumper£14.95
Coat from£16.95
Canada Goose from£29.95
Jacket from£15.50
Linen Jacket£15.95
Silk Jacket£17.95
Duvet Cover from£6.50
Pillow Case£2.70
Sheets from£5.75
Duvet Synthetic from£15.95
Duvet Feather from£17.99
Blanket from£14.99
Sleeping Bag£14.95
Towel from£2.50
Excludes bedding and towel – Extra £3.00 per kg if weight exceeds the minimum advertised
Family Plan 30kg£45.00
Medium Plan 20kg£35.00
Small Plan 10kg£20.00
Accordion Content
Shorten TrousersFrom £10
Shorten Jeans£15
Take in/out waist jeansFrom £22
Lengthen TrousersFrom £18
Take in/out waist trousers/skirt£18
Shorten/lengthen dress, skirtFrom £22
Shorten/Lengthen sleeve coat, jacketFrom £35
Shorten/Lengthen length coat, jacketFrom £45
Take in/out coat, jacketFrom £35
Re-line coat/jacketPOC
Wedding dress alteredPOC
Shorten curtains plainFrom £10/meter
Shorten curtains linedFrom £14.95/meter
Re-lined curtainsPOC
Home fitting by appointment ( T&Cs )


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